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Resistance to population lockdowns is rising rapidly.

Ending these lockdowns is our most important cause right now.
I’d like to contribute more than controversial Facebook posts, so I’ve come up with some ideas.

I propose we name this the #Unlock movement
(somewhat like #Occupy)

We could rally under

I decided to lead with 3 essential tenets:


What separates us from other social initiatives; we balance our need for safety, with our desire to live our lives, and our obligation to do no harm to each other.

Beyond the medical cause, beyond the economic cause….
#Unlock is a moral cause

We all have the right to safely and peacefully live our lives.

Chains are the opposite of what humanity needs to face challenges.

All varieties of people who agree should support this.

I envision this more as an online social media initiative, but it works for live protests too.
I’d like the current protests to have a better vibe, they’re turning off too many potential supporters.
But I’m glad the protesters are actively not tolerating lockdowns.
I will not be an organizer of any live protests, I don’t have that bandwidth, but I support them.

I registered (and and @unlockmovement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
I don’t have the bandwidth to run this site or social media, so I’m looking for someone who will.

I’ve created and uploaded profile frame graphics, sample banners, my Adobe Illustrator files, and the font I used.
Go ahead and download them and use them, or change it up and make it your own if you like. I’d love help from talent with better graphic design skills than me.

You don’t have to credit me for anything, I just want to get this out there.

This is not exactly a launch. More of a concept I’m sharing. I’m mostly looking for feedback and help to spread this initiative.

Who would like to be involved?

Download Profile Frame and Banner files (PNGs, illustrator files, font)